Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cold Pressure Juice - Reasons Why You Should Use It

Cold Pressed Juice
In the past few years, many have considered juicing. The reason behind it is that juicing has many known health benefits. From increasing one’s skin radiance to more energy, they have been known as some of the juicing benefits. The utilization of cold pressed juice can provide numerous health benefits. To get all your needed vitamins and nutrients, juicing can be an efficient option. Just create this delicious drink every morning.

A lot of people wonder about the difference between regular juice and cold pressed juice. The only main difference of cold pressed juice is its process of extraction. Cold press juicers work a little differently and they create a careful and slow process of hydraulically extracting vegetable and fruit juice. This doesn’t only provide the best quality plant-based nutrition. But also, it is possible to get the freshest delicious juice.

These juicers utilize enough pressure that enables them to create the process of extraction of juice. They also preserve all enzymes, nutrients, vitamins, and trace minerals, which a common juicing process can’t do. Because this process so precise with the extraction of the juice, there is minimal heat or air so very little of the oxidation process occurs. Typically juice made from this process can last on average 2 to 4 days. This means your juice can stay fresh and last longer providing you with all the benefits of energy, increased immunity, and rejuvenated health.

Cold Pressed Juice
Typically regular juicers extract juice by cutting and grinding the fruits and vegetables with a blade. By cutting the fruits and vegetables however, some of the vital proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes can be lost in the process. The fresh juice, once obtained from this process, must be consumed at the soonest date. This must be done before the oxidation process starts and all nutrients and enzymes are lost. With the use of cold pressed juice, one is able to store it in a jar or glass bottle. Then, consumers can enjoy it the next day or later that day while still receiving the best enzymes and nutrients it offers.

One of the main benefits of cold pressed juicing is that you receive the maximum amount of juice from your fruits or vegetables. The regular rotary blade machine technique leaves behind much of the juice, which was produced in its pulp. By cold pressed method, the hydraulic press puts pressure on the pulp to extract the maximum amount of the available juice. This is much more efficient and economical for you because nothing is wasted.

These are just the few of the numerous benefits of using cold pressed juice. This process doesn’t only provide you with a more efficient and more economical choice, but also this provides you quality nutrient juice, which you’re able to enjoy and store for two or at least one day. This makes it more convenient for everyone who wants to drink or make juice without the need to use it immediately for your daily usage.

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